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The ups and downs of life through le' femme eye…

Knowing someone else out there, who truly cares and worries about the world, feels the pain empathically so much it saddens your soul. The only way to escape is seclusion.  Seclusion gives you a kind of peace.  I’m not alone, I’m not the only one.  Someone out there holds the weight of the concerns and thoughts of others, to the point of self-sacrifice with no reward.  Seeing other succeed brings burst of joy to the sympathetic soul. One like this must learn selfishness, one must search for silence, fight for quiet.  This world of stillness is welcomed rest for one’s mind who cannot shut out the voices in need.  Unexpected moments of clarity really open the mind.  The freedom of thought allows much needed mental breaks.  The once timid, shy and cautious voice is now louder, stronger, more eloquent and expressive. Breathe for you, dream for you, and live for your uniqueness that the world needs. Only you can be you, why deny yourself, people and the world what only you can give.

Photo by Kamesh Vedula on Unsplash