Doot Da Do, What To Do? traverse to how far a child’s curiosity can go 

This is the creative idea from an aunt who was inspired by her energetic niece and nephews to write books for the young mind and young at heart. 

Salt Lake City, UT—From voicing countless popular anime shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, and Burst Angels, voice artist and actress Charlet “Odette” Dupar is ready to move into another chapter of her life by penning the highly entertaining children’s book about a curious young boy with so many questions to ask. 

Doot Da Do, What To Do? is a delightful read about an ‘out and about’ young boy exploring his world and learning about what he finds. The author includes snippets of the boy’s little adventures as he goes through his day-to-day life. Charlet Dupar keeps the young readers engaged by adding colorful and unique illustrations for better imagery and somehow lets the readers in and see how the boy sees the world—what prompts him to ask and voice questions like most kids of his age do. 

The main character narrates and asks these questions in a singsong way, urging readers to come up with their tune to go along with the narrative. 

Charlet “Odette” Dupar, the author, is a well-known voiceover artist and actress, as well as an aspiring author and poet of her new children’s book, Doot Da Do. After courageously overcoming an eye injury at such a young age, she has been determined to strive to accomplish her dreams no matter the obstacles that come her way and never give up, the silhouettes of these characteristics evoked in the book she penned and offers to the literary community. Odette’s gift and passion for storytelling have long been evident ever since her first days of acting on stage with the Dallas Children’s Theater. Her determination to curate more children’s books is one of the factors that makes her one of the authors to watch out for. 

She is ready to bring her work to the critically acclaimed American Association of School Librarians (AASL) National Conference this October 2021. 

Doot Da Do, What To Do? 

Written by: Charlet “Odette” Dupar 

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