From the Heart <- Link to a Hello from me and live reading of the book!

Charlet “Odette” Dupar is a well-known voiceover artist and actress, as well as poet and author of her new children’s book, Doot Da Do. After overcoming an eye injury at a young age, she has always strived to accomplish her dreams no matter the obstacles and never give up. Her gift and passion for storytelling have been evident since her first days of acting on stage with the Dallas Children’s Theater. She enjoyed bringing to life children’s books like Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, Pinkerton! and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Charlet’s imaginative mind and lighthearted humor are what make her books come to life and draw you in to see what her characters will do next. From voicing characters for countless anime shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, and Burst Angels, Charlet’s love of youth genres and children’s books is definitely evident in her life.

Hello There!! I have listed some new articles that give you a little more insight to me and who I am. A writer, actress and artist. Joy and Reading!! Happiness to all 🙂